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The Short Report - August 2023

Aug 08, 2023

Short Report - August 2023: Housing Market Insights

After a peak in housing prices last year, the market is showing varying dynamics in 2023. Here's a concise overview:

  • Housing Prices: While prices had retreated from last year's highs, there's an upswing observed in certain areas. This suggests that some pockets of the market are regaining momentum.

  • Inventory Overview: Across the board, housing inventory remains constrained with a tight 1.6 months of supply. However, West Bellevue stands out as an exception with an inventory stretching over 3 months.

  • Interest Rate Predictions: The market should brace for continued volatility in interest rates. Nonetheless, projections hint at a downward trend as we approach 2024, which could be a relief for potential home buyers and investors.

  • Advice for Buyers: If you're in the market to buy, this period offers a wider selection due to the relative increase in inventory. Coupled with the potential dip in interest rates, buyers might find attractive deals.

  • Notes for Sellers: For those considering selling, the good news is that prices remain elevated. Moreover, certain areas are witnessing scenarios with multiple offers, indicating strong buyer interest.

In conclusion, the housing market in August 2023 presents opportunities for both buyers and sellers, with signs of stabilization and potential growth on the horizon.

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