Introducing The Windermere "Market Ready" Program!

Don't know what to do to get your home prepared for the market?  Don't have the money to fix it up?  Check out our "Market Ready" program where we will loan you up to $50,000 to properly prepare your home to sell.  Watch the video for more info....

Apply Now!

1-1 Consultation

Meet with me in person or via Zoom to walk through your home and get an idea of what needs to be done to your home to optimize its value and get the highest net proceeds for you.


Get up to $50,00 within a few days of making your application.  Use it on whatever items will get you the highest price and the fastest sael! Hire your own contractors...or ours! 

No Fees

As long you have a 75% or lower loan-to-value, you can get access to the funds at no charge.  The loan is paid back at closing so you don't have to liquidate other assets!

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